Bramblewood Kilt

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Bramblewood Kilt is Verillas premium taken to a whole other level. This is the mythic level loot to the legendary of the Versatta series. Bramblewood Kilt features butter smooth premium leather details, a light but durable cotton canvas that will keep you going in all conditions. Premium metal details in all the right places with ultra durable belt loops and d-rings for intricate customization. The elastic comfort waist has been expanded across the back of the kilt for a body hugging fit to perfection. The color tones are an ideal pairing with our original Bramblewood Boots and complement any of our Ironwood, Dragonseye or Black colorways.

The denizens of the Bramblewood yearn for adventure. There is a pulsing, primal power in the heart of the forest that imbues artifacts from the region with a personality all their own. Open up to the magic and embrace the hero within.