Deadlands Shred Tee

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They sent us to the Deadlands to die in exile. Further proof of how disconnected the Castle is from the new reality in the Verillas World. Soon, we rise. We shred their protective bubble of ignorance and bring the free people of the Castle into the present. 

Digging into the past has brought futuristic, flexible materials and advanced assembly techniques. Deadlands Shred Tee is an epic level chest slot, make the upgrade.


+ Legendary Verillas Craftsmanship
Comfortable, Soft Cotton
+ Slim Fit with Slight Stretch

+ Brand: Verillas
+ Style: V2NDST
+ Color(s): Black
+ Fabric Content: 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex

Model is 5'9" and has an athletic build, wearing a size S.

Sizing chart indicates your body measurement. Order based on which size best represents your measurements.