Dragonseye Fae Wings

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Verillas's wings are the durable yet elegant choice for Fae in any setting – be you riding to a ballroom or trekking to a bonfire. Hand-crafted in Virginia by our in-house designer, they are assembled and function unlike any other wearable wings you will find. Verillas Wings rest against your back like a cloak and respond to your movements, fully portraying your grace and elegance to all in attendance – especially while dancing. Your Wings are flexible and easy to wear in tight and crowded spaces and they can even be worn while sitting.

Available in a variety of colorways with glow dots (at an upcharge).

Meticulously crafted from tulle and organza, your wings are safe to wear in festival and convention settings regardless of weather. They are extremely flexible and cannot be bent out of shape as lesser constructs would be – as a result they take up minimal space while being stored or transported. They are incredibly durable and long-lasting when properly taken care of – those in search of novelty or costume style items likely did not delve this far.

Your Wings attach to your clothing with a rubber coated high strength magnet paired with a rubber coated washer beneath the garment. This link pins the wings in place without puncture, pierce or rip. The magnet is affixed on a swivel mount facilitating the delightful movements that will get you noticed.

*The wings weigh about 2lbs and are not suitable to be worn on loose knits or hyper stretch fabric like nylon or spandex.

How to care for your wings:
- Store flat in a cool dry place. Wings can become damaged if exposed to more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not leave in a hot car or near a heat source. 
- The wings can be spot cleaned by blotting with a damp wash cloth, do not scrub. Hang to dry.
- To charge glow paint leave wings exposed to Black Light or Sunlight for up to an hour. Wings will glow longer the longer they are charged.

+ Handmade in Virginia, USA by our in house designer, Kaia
+ Flexible and easy to wear
+ High strength magnets to affix to your clothing
+ Swivel mount magnets, so the wings move as you move
+ Weather resistant base
+ Glow in the dark dots to light up the night

+ Brand: Verillas 
+ Size: 14.5" (width) x 30" (length) - Wings measured at widest and longest points. Measurement is for 1 wing.
+ Weight: 2lbs

+ Material Content: Tulle and organza base, painted with non toxic airbrush paint