Elderwood Slippers

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Elderwood Slippers are real leather shoes with a thin hard leather sole, inspired by medieval fantasy. While the Elderwood Boots will carry you safely through a battle, the Elderwood Slippers are more geared towards lounging around the afterparty. With comfort in mind, these can be worn without laces as a slip-on or with laces for an elegant and modular look.  The soles inside are flat and the leather is soft enough to walk around in all day. They're made using traditional techniques and come with a leather sole akin to a dancer's shoe.


Real leather means real care. These flats are made to last for years if properly kept up with. This means taking the time to leather the lotion once a year or as needed when dry. Be sure not to over tighten the laces regularly as well.

Every pair of Elderwood Slippers comes with a pair of Verillas black flat leather laces. We also offer a selection of alternate lace colors, boot straps, and other accessories to remix your footwear to fit different occasions: Click Here

SIZING: We recommend sizing down 1 size from your standard US women's size. 

+ Quality Cowhide Leather
+ Individually Hand Made
+ Water Resistant - can be made more so with leather-safe treatments
+ Optional Laces
+ Round, shaped toe for comfort.

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