Fae Hooded Scarf

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This soft, wool blend hooded scarf is designed to be worn in a ton of fashionable ways - either as a summer accessory to shield you from the dreaded sun, or a winter statement piece that adds so much to your favorite coat.  This piece was inspired by mysterious elvish styles from movies and shows, as well as rogues and warlocks from our favorite table top stories.  

Style it draped over our Callisto Coat to add a hood to a fitted favorite jacket, completing the legendary set.  Style it wrapped to keep warm at night with the four soft arms of the scarf thrown over opposite shoulders.  You can also cross the printed smaller arms of the scarf over your body for a faerie inspired high fashion look.  Few things we have come out with are so versatile. Wear it well, and wear it often.




+ Legendary Verillas Craftsmanship
+ Versatile, Unique Design
+ Warm, Tabard Style Drapes


+ Brand: Verillas
+ Style: V2SFS
+ Color(s): Black, Maroon
+ Fabric Content: 80% Wool 20% Polyester

Dry Clean Only