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The Gunslinger Stash is a finely handcrafted leather satchel ideal for whatever essentials you may need in your journeys. Keep your most important possessions ready at your fingertips. This genuine leather bag is built to last an eternity when properly cared for. Wearable as a hip/thigh holster, a docker's clutch, a purse, or a backpack. Three highly adjustable straps included. A formed leather top flap keeps it nicely closed but easy to access quickly, though you can zip all of the pockets shut to keep your things more secure if you prefer. A secret pocket is hidden inside the top pocket, kept together with Velcro.  An essential for rogues, rangers and anyone looking to add some leather to their outfit.


+ Custom Beading and Clasps
+ 3 Adjustable Straps included
+ Secret Pocket hidden inside the Top Pocket
+ Magnetized Top Flap

Small 32"-45" waist
Medium 40"-60" waist
Large 45"-74" waist

Gunslinger Stash Dimensions Chart


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