Stampede Duster - Fall Preorder Flight Sale

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Expected release date is 1st Dec 2023

Special Orders cannot be canceled or refunded 48 hours after being placed. This special pricing will end on October 1st, and production will begin. Your order will be delivered after Dec 1 in the order they were placed.

This coat calls back to long plentiful days in the dust bowl, making ends meet, and dealing out justice. Made of a poly-cotton blend to keep the elements at bay, with a hint of Love and Peace. This coat also boasts a Detachable Shoulder Ornamentation for that extra touch of flare!  Made of a poly-cotton blend that is comfortable and holds its shape well.  This is a movie set quality piece that we are dropping to half price as a presale for this month only, as this coat has been too popular to keep stock of - We are so sorry it is sold out most of the time. An entire workshop is ready and will be dedicated to making this special order flight as rapidly as possible.

 Can we do other colors? Not at this time. We wanted to do white, but we are concerned about the material getting dirty / stained in transit. 

Can we offer extended sizing? Yes. Email us if your size is not present:

+ Detachable Shoulder Ornamentation

+ Brand: Verillas
+ Style: VSD
+ Color(s): Red, Black
+ Fabric Content: Poly-Cotton Blend 

Model is 5'9", 160lbs wearing a Small.