Valiant Crop Jacket

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Valiant at Verillas means the best of the best. The Valiant Crop Jacket is a double-collared wonder garment that can bring a heightened sense of style to any fit as a layer or even as a standalone. The smooth black fabric works in Gothic looks and techno-futuristic streetwear outfits but it’s also usable as a shrug over a dress or a tank top in any ModRen style This poly-cotton blend is made for a flexible feel that is like a long comfy hug. 


Garment Measures:


XS Chest 32” Sleeves 24”

S Chest 34” Sleeves 24”

M Chest 36” Sleeves 25”

L Chest 40” Sleeves 25”

XL Chest 44” Sleeves 26”

XXL Chest 48” Sleeves 26”