Vanguard Cargo Kilt - Black - 23"

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Vanguard Cargo Kilts are made of a soft but thick cotton drill fabric, softer and lighter than a Versatta series.  It will need ironing to stay fresh unlike a Versatta, but it's a nice trade off for a lower price and a material ideal for hot weather. These kilts feature similar removable / interchangeable pockets to our Versatta series - a step up in durability, adjustability, and color selection for a higher price.  The pockets use a Molle web mount like military gear, so you can conveniently replace the pockets with anything tactical you want by strapping or snapping it onto the mounts.  Fitted with our signature V Kilt belt loops that take a 3" Kilt belt but still look cute with a regular pants belt if you want to accessorize. This kilt has a slight stretch to the waist and an adjustable closure that allows a generous range so you can gain/lose weight, or simply adjust it after a few beers or a meal if needed and avoid having a waist line uncomfortably cut in to you.

 Some kilts such as this one are listed as mens. Why? They have a straight waist that fits masculine figures of all sizes based on popular demand and tradition (20" and longer kilt lengths).  Womens kilts (19" and shorter lengths unless special ordered) have tailored waists made for hips that are wider than your true waist.  You can order a longer womens kilt by emailing, but we have found that the shorter kilts look better on all genders with the tailored waist.

Other Features:

Signature embroidered V logo.

Light weight canvas that's perfect for hot weather.

Elastic Panel on the back center of the waist for about 8" of stretch / closure adjustability.  Gain or lose weight? no problem. 

Just heavy enough to keep you modest in a light breeze.

You can find other pocket options to change your loadout using the Molle webbing system here:   Kilt Accessories

Care Instructions:

Easy to clean - Cold wash, hang dry, iron as needed with a little steam, or use a steamer to make it look new again.




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