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Vanguard Series Tartan Kilt

The Vanguard series kilt is our take on a more affordable modern kilt option for men and women. A 22” drop length to allows for a modest, everyday look. We use quality acrylic wool fabric that is made to be lightweight and comfortable to wear (13oz acrylic wool). The hook-and-loop front panel closure allows for a secure fit with up to 4" of adjustment in each size. The wide belt loops allow you to pair any Vanguard series kilt with your favorite kilt belt up to 2.5" in width. Built in side pockets allow for the everyday convenience of pants, but with the comfort and style of a kilt. On the inside front panel is our Vanguard shield logo, marking it as an authentic Verillas Vanguard series product. 


+ 22” Drop Length
+ Acrylic Wool Tartan Fabric
+ Hook and Loop Front Panel Closure
+ Wide 3" Belt Loops
+ Built In Side Pockets
+ Verillas Designed Tartans

+ Brand: Verillas Vanguard Series Kilt
+ Style: VTK
+ Fabric Content: Acrylic Wool

Model 1 is 5'10" and has a muscular build, wearing a size Medium. (Admiral) 
Model 2 is 5'9" and has an athletic build, wearing a size Small. (Black Watch, Scottish Pride, Warlord, Black, Winter Grey)
Model 3 is 6'1" and has a slim build, wearing a size XS. (Brandybuck)  
Model 4 is 6'2" and has an athletic build, wearing a size Medium. (Equinox)