Versatta Boot Straps

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Customize your look with premium leather accent pieces that add modularity to the all-important boot slot. Add a legendary leather upgrade to your standard boots or take your existing Verillas pieces up to the mythic tier with another layer of detail. 

These leather accessories snap on to our boots with a slouched angle around the ankle. These boot straps can link together to make a belt accessory as well. 

Versatta items by Verillas are all about reconfiguration.  Whether you want to rock one on your right boot for an asymmetrical style, or rock both for a western apocalyptic look, is up to you.  Our intention is to bring you affordable upgrades to base level boots so that you can take your look to the next level today, and tone it down tomorrow for the right situations.  


+ Legendary Verillas Construction
+ Modular Design: Works With Any Pair of Boots
+ Get Creative!  Endless Applications

+ Brand: Verillas
+ Style: V1RDLBS
+ Color(s): Black 
+ Fabric Content: Genuine Leather Construction